“Mid-Century By the Bay” book is a must-have

If you grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, or are a fan of the design style¬†and architecture of the mid-century, Heather David's excellent¬†book, Mid-Century by the Bay is a thoroughly enjoyable stroll down memory lane. David, a San Jose-based freelance writer and cultural historian, is also a Bay Area native, and her 152-page… Continue reading “Mid-Century By the Bay” book is a must-have

Castro Theatre saved from fire by SFFD

It's not a sight you want to see. As I came out of the Muni underground at Castro Street earlier this week, police cars were blocking traffic at the corner of Market and Castro, and three fire trucks and their crews were busy in front of Timothy Pflueger's famous Castro Theatre. Two long ladders were… Continue reading Castro Theatre saved from fire by SFFD