Welcome to the Timothy Pflueger blog for discussion about Pflueger, one of San Francisco’s finest native architects, and his work. San Francisco architecture in general, past and present, will also be a topic for news and discussion.

Since the blog got started a bit later than expected, it will initially include items for those of you who might have missed any news related to Pflueger.

Just to start things off

The women’s restroom Pflueger designed for the I. Magnin store that opened in Union Square in 1948 was one of 10 finalists in an odd contest that ended July 31, called the Best Restroom, sponsored by Cintas Corp.

The results are in. Alas, the Pflueger-designed loo on the 6th floor of what is now Macy’s, did not win. The green-marbled walls and mirrored doors lost to a restroom in a theatre in Branson, Mo., which has a marble fireplace. You can see a brief item here, and a photo of that gorgeous bathroom (sorry gents, it’s a ladies room), in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Thanks to the many people in the growing Timothy Pflueger Fan Club in Facebook who voted for the former Magnin restroom!

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  1. Would love to join you but will be participating in the Nike Women’s Marathon on the 18th. Let me know when your next tour begins.


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